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"In Coherence we achieve"

"In Coherence we achieve"

What we do

1. Advocacy

  • We are the voice for the private schools’ proprietors
  • We advocate for private schools on matters of policy and law

2. Collaboration and Net working

  • We Link private schools with other schools nationally and internationally
  • We Link members with national and international organizations.
  • We Link members with education related service providers
  • We Link members to other professional training institutes locally and globally.

3. Capacity building

  • We hold annual workshops, conferences, Summits, Seminars and training for members
  • We train members through private schools affiliated institutes link Mubs, UMI
  • We enable members benchmark best practices locally and internationally
  • We link with Business and professional training institutions for tailored courses for school managers and directors like MUBS, UMI among others.

4. Lobbying

  • We lobby policy makers and technocratic implementers from district to national level.
  • We lobby service providers, industries, factories, agencies that have school related needs
  • We lobby political and technocratic leaders on matters of policies on private schools
  • We lobby funders and development organizations

5. Peer support monitoring and Supervision

  • We provide termly peer support supervision to members for quality standards
  • We encourage our members to benchmarking best practices in pedagogy, management, educational investment for quality standards
  • We annually Appraise member schools for quality improvement

Why Join us ?

  • Professional growth through workshops, seminars,  conferences, summits.
  • Access to Educational entrepreneurship and school management Resources
  • Access to wealth of education information
  • Support supervision and Inspections. 
  • Access to joint education programs and investment finance
  • Social Capital and net working with Edu- entrepreneurs through Welfare programs