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"In Coherence we achieve"

"In Coherence we achieve"

Our History

About Us:

“Inspiring Private Educational entrepreneurship, innovation, Progress and Advancing Excellence”.

NPEIA traces its beginning back to 1994, when a group of passionate education entrepreneurs and education managers in the greater Kampala area led by Mr. Mujjumba John Bosco, the Proprietor of St John Bosco Primary school, Wankuluku, Professor Lawrence Mukiibi of St Lawrence schools and colleges, Mr. Ssemakula  of Baptist High School, came together to develop an educational professional development,  best represent all the interests of proprietors of Private Education Institutions in Uganda, nurture  member schools into high quality educational enterprises, be the lead education advocacy and educational activist platform.

Across the two and half decades, the common vision for NPEIA has been to serve as a place where schools could turn to for inspiration, to look beyond today and imagine the possibilities of the future, make member schools mega education powers in the country thus making NPEIA a place where private educational excellence in all its forms – is nurtured, celebrated and exalted.

Today, NPEIA thrives because of that same collaborative passion to enhance and advance private education in Uganda.
 With over 18,000 member schools, NPEIA is the pioneer and largest national Private schools Association in the country and the region and represents a diverse range of schools in terms of size, pedagogy, religious affiliation, and, of course, mission. We serve our schools by providing strategic information, accreditation, advocacy and a wide range of professional development opportunities.

Our milestone since 1994

  • Working with the British council on projects to enhance good governance and management of private schools.
  • NPEIA with the British council supported different school proprietors to benchmark good governance and management of schools in Oxford, U.K. that resulted in formulation of Basic requirements and minimum standards in Uganda.
  • Representation in UNEB on various committees representing private schools on the security committee, National Assessment of progress in Education (NAPE).
  • Lobbying for the issuing of UNEB centers to private schools and permitting private schools’ teachers in scouting, marking and supervision.
  • Championed and Lobbied for issuing of operational licenses and Registration of private schools by the ministry of education in the early 1990s.
  • Key participant stakeholders in the formulation of 2008 Education Act
  • Participants in Post primary education and training (PIASCY implementation and monitoring)
  • Held a national dialogue with Uganda Revenue Authority to harmonize taxation of private schools and have continued to dialogue to harmonize on matters of taxation on private schools.
  • Hosted the President of Uganda in launching the Patriotism in private schools in 2015.
  • Participated with Parliamentary committee on National Economy on harmonization of taxation of private schools in Uganda.
  • Key participants in the formulation of 2014 guidelines of the ministry of education and sports.
  • Representing Private schools in National curriculum Development Center activities to enhance quality in private schools since 2005.
  • Lobbied for the establishment of the Department of private schools in the ministry of education.
  • Championed the Suspension of corporate tax on Private schools in 2007 by the president.
  • Represented private school interests on matters of the 2020 UNEB bill
  • Represented private schools on the 2020 NCDC bill
  • Presented Private schools matters of Covid distress and financial relief request in Parliamentary committee of national economy in June 2020.
  • Represented private schools in the ministry of education on matters of school re-opening and participated in the State House discusses on plight of private schools and reopening in July 2020.
  • Served on the National private schools Covid -19 committee constituted by the ministry of education in 2020/ 2021.
  • Hosted president of Uganda 2021 at Hotel African on matters of post covid – private school stimulus package.
  • Represented Private schools in the formulation of the National Policy on provision of private education in Uganda by M.O.E.S in 2020.
  • Influenced the end of massive illegal school closures.
  • Helped member schools to legalize their operations.
  • Trained over 5,000 school directors on matters of management, quality, finance literacy and education entrepreneurship.
  • Linked member schools to key service providers like impact water, Banks with low interest rates, Solar wave among others.
  • Linked member schools with I.F.C a subsidy of the World Bank that enabled some members schools to improve their infrastructure.
  • Authoring various manuals on management, leadership, pedagogy, performance management, monitoring and evaluation among others in private schools.
  • Has managed to set up the Kampala private schools examinations.
  • Boosts of 914 registered members schools countrywide.


Why Join us ?

  • Professional growth through workshops, seminars,  conferences, summits.
  • Access to Educational entrepreneurship and school management Resources
  • Access to wealth of education information
  • Support supervision and Inspections. 
  • Access to joint education programs and investment finance
  • Social Capital and net working with Edu- entrepreneurs through Welfare programs