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"In Coherence we achieve"

"In Coherence we achieve"


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Salutations to you all and Felicitations upon accomplishments of year 2022.

National Private Educational Institutions Association in Uganda (NPEIA-UG) is the Pioneer and Principal national association of Private Education Institutions with active Leadership and membership throughout the country. This association was established in 1994 under the leadership of  Mr Mujjumba John Bosco founder St John Bosco and board member Buddo SS, Late Prof.Lawrence Mukiibi founder St.Lawrence Academy, schools and colleges,Hon.Dr Sarah Nkonge Muwonge of Kampala SS/St.Frnacis Buloba/Jinja modern/ Mbirizi SS  and Mr Kamya Augastine of Amka Schools among other members of supreme Council. NPEIA-UG has membership of over 18,056 member educational Institutions that employ over 360,000 teachers and enrol over eight (8) million learners country-wide.

NPEIA-UG has played consistent pivotal role on Education Advocacy, Collaboration and Networking, Capacity building, Lobbying, Peer support monitoring and Supervision for private schools in Uganda for the last 27years and has consistently been front-liner in the struggle against the plight of private educational institutions and services providers in the country.

NPEIA-UG Vision:

To Be the Leading National Private Education Institutions’ Umbrella, Promoter and Advocacy Forum

NPEIA-UG Mission: To Enhance Quality Education, Ethics and Professionalism for National Development.

NPEIA-UG core values:

  • Team work and solidarity
  • Integrity and professionalism
  • Equity and equality
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Excellency and Innovation

NPEIA-UG motto:
Coherence we achieve

Appreciation to;

Those who have sacrificed to be leaders of others at Sub-county, zones, County, District, city division, regional level to national levels.

Schools that have subscribed in time to support operations of the secretariat year in year out

Proprietors of schools that attended our meetings, workshops, expos, symposia conducted in different parts of the country in 2022.

Achievements in year 2022.

  1. Working relations with Legislature especially Speaker of Parliament, Education committee of Parliament and Budget committee of Parliament.
  2. Working with executive arms of government on lobbying Stimulus package for Private education investment, Opening Credit lines for education investment at UDB, Waiver of Income tax and being classified as wealth creators deserving cheaper rate of borrowing among others.
  3. Engaging with Ministry of Education and Sports on Education review process under Maj.Rtd Dr Amanya Mushega, re-registration of Secondary schools for new registration certificates and Statutory  instrument to regulate school fees  and other school related matters.
  4. Collective bargaining lobbying for reliable partnerships with relevant players in Private education investment ecosystem on recovery programs out of long period covid 19 Pandemic lockdown brought challenges. Running Partnership with Bank of Africa on 18 ways customer value proposition for education, Jamal Auto Toyota on supplies/importation of new and used, repair and maintenance of school vehicles and Generators, Bingwa media for organization of National Expos,Ted Care Solar for alternative sources of energy and Newmark Advocates for legal consultancy services to our members.
  5. Elections of new substantive NPEIA-UG Leadership in all regions and 96 Districts conducted in KampalaCentral,Rubaga,Makindye,Kawempe,Nakawa,Entebbe,Nansana,Kasangati,Kira,Wakiso,Masaka,Mbarara,Bushenyi,Fortportal,Hoima,Jinja,Mbale,Lira,Gulu and Arua sub regions of Uganda.
  6. Bereavement and Benevolence of Members who lost their dear ones as stipulated in the welfare policy and NPEIA-UG delegation to Parliament of Uganda to pay   tribute to the fallen Speaker Rt.Hon. Aulanya L’Okori Jacob.
  7. NPEIA-UG-Bingwa Educational faire expo at Constitutional Square Kampala that was officiated by the Minister of Education and sports.
  8. NPEIA-UG Delegation attendance of the 1st National Agricultural Educational Show in Jinja representing all private schools in Uganda organized by Ministry of Education and Sports
  9. NPEIA-UG Press briefing and Petitioning Prime Minister and Minister of Education and Sports to halt the National Re-registration exercise of Private Secondary School in the Country until certain issues highlighted are determined.
  10. NPEIA-UG delegation  invitation to dialogue with Commissioner and entire department of Private schools Ministry of Education and Sports over the Petitioned Re-registration of Private Secondary Schools in Uganda.
  11. National Prayer-Dedication Day and Briefing at St. Lawrence Academy, Schools and Colleges In Maya Wakiso District where the Vice President of the Republic of Uganda was Chief Guest.

NPEIA-UG Plans for 2023.

  1. School Leadership; Election of the new substantive NPEIA-UG executive Leadership in the remaining Districts and Municipalities of Uganda. Training and skilling owners of schools on the available modern educational investment leadership throughout the country.
  2. Education Management; working out a consultancy firm to facilitate the  Training of academic managers i.e. Head teachers, Deputy Head teachers and Heads of academic, Discipline and Co-curricular departments in schools on curricular and co-curricular implementation strategies benchmarked globally.
  3. Education Technology; Enabling Private education institutions embrace Digital interactive content compliance, Lobbying for cheaper and subsidized hard ware (Computers/Kits and accessories) and software (internet and applications) supplies in Ministry of ICT, Uganda Communications Commission and other  available sources internally and externally.
  4. Education Finance; Internal and external Resource mobilization, management, appropriate utilization, funds outsourcing and collectively bargaining for best interest rates offers on credit facilities to schools from Government financers like Uganda Development Bank, Microfinance Support Centre, and other Financial Institutions like Bank of Africa, Centenary Bank, Stanbic Bank and Housing Finance among others .
  5. Education investment risks Controls; Working with MUA Insurance as corporate development partners against loss  and assurance of lives and property to accidents (heath, fires, accidents on road carnage and recreation fields), loss of school property in education institutions(fires, strikes, lightening, Storms etc), Savings/investment policies for Proprietors by embracing Insurance Policies and, Improving physical school supervision learners and staff by sourcing  and installing surveillance systems within and around the school like CCTV cameras, Cyber hacker Swats and Solar security lighting.
  6. Best Curriculum implementation strategies;  by conducting sufficient research on best practical Pedagogy (science of teaching and learning)at all levels of learning in our education institutions to keep ranking high in excelling at   for UNEB, UBTEB, DIT,UNMEB, and University examination performance.
  7. Through the NPEIA-UG Legal Partners (Newmark advocates) working with the Judiciary, Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs and Uganda Registration Services Bureau on best litigation representation in courts of Judicature, legalization of schools status, legalization of ownership, succession planning, conflict resolutions and legalization of leadership and formal Management in order to protect the schools and investment against abrupt collapse/shutdown risking on the human capital development process.
  8. Strategic Educational institutions Physical Infrastructure development through lobbying for cheap housing credit from financial institutions like “Zimba Mpola Mpola” facility at Housing Finance Bank and manufacturers of construction material. 
  9. NPEIA-UG SACCO Capitalization with a reliable sufficient fund to enable schools and proprietors access cheap and fast processed credit to manage emergences that had become baits to loss of school and proprietors’ property ruthless money lenders
  10. Learners’ Bursary schemes and Scholarships; Working with NPEIA-UG Member schools, Government, donor agencies, corporate companies, cultural trustees and organizations to extend bursaries within and scholarships abroad the  both needy and academically talented Learners at all levels of learning.
  11. Learners skills and Talents Promotion; Working with Uganda Manufacturers Association(Century bottling company, Haris international, uniliver, African Queen  and Crown Beverage among others), Private Sector Foundation, Small and Medium enterprises, Ministry of Education and sports(DIT& NCDC),Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Trade, cooperatives and industry, Ministry of Tourism ,Ministry of Agriculture Animal industry and Fisheries, Ministry of water and environment to exploit the available opportunities that promote skilling  and talent promotion programs among learners in our schools.

What the Association does for Member schools and owners?       

  1. Advocacy.
  2. We are the voice for the private schools’ proprietors
  3. We advocate for private schools on matters of policy and law
  4. Collaboration and Networking.
  5. We Link private schools with other schools nationally and internationally
  6. We Link members with national and international organizations.
  7. We Link members with education related service providers
  8. We Link members to other professional training institutes locally and globally.
  9. Capacity building.
  10. We hold annual workshops, conferences, Summits, Seminars and training for members
  11. We train members through private schools affiliated institutes link Mubs, UMI
  12. We enable members benchmark best practices locally and internationally
  13. We link with Business and professional training institutions for tailored courses for school managers and directors like MUBS, UMI among others.
  14. Lobbying.
  15. We lobby policy makers and technocratic implementers from district to national level.
  16. We lobby service providers, industries, factories, agencies that have school related needs
  17. We lobby political and technocratic leaders on matters of policies on private schools
  18. We lobby funders and development organizations
  19. Peer support monitoring and Supervision.
  20. We provide termly peer support supervision to members for quality standards
  21. We encourage our members to benchmarking best practices in pedagogy, management, educational investment for quality standards
  22. We annually Appraise member schools for quality improvement

Summary record of NPEIA UG undertakings since 1994.

  • Partnerships with British Education council at Oxford, U.K. to support NPEIA-UG benchmark good governance and management of schools that resulted into proposal for the formulation of Basic requirements and minimum standards in Uganda.
  • Private Schools representation at UNEB on various committees representing private schools like security committee, National Assessment of progress in Education (NAPE).
  • Lobbying for the issuing of UNEB centers to private schools and permitting private schools’ teachers in scouting, marking and supervision.
  • Championed and Lobbied for issuing of operational licenses and Registration of private schools by the ministry of education in the early 1990s.
  • Key stakeholder participant in the formulation of the 2008 Education Act.
  • Participants in Post primary education and training (PIASCY implementation and monitoring)
  • Held a national dialogue with Uganda Revenue Authority to harmonize taxation on private schools.
  • Hosted the President of Uganda in launching the Patriotism in private schools in 2015.
  • Participated in Parliamentary committee on National Economy on harmonization of taxation on private schools in Uganda.
  • Key participants in the formulation of 2014 guidelines of the ministry of education and sports.
  • Representing Private schools in National curriculum Development Center activities to enhance quality in private schools since 2005.
  • Lobbied for the establishment of the Department of private schools in the ministry of education.
  • Championed the Suspension of corporate tax on Private schools in 2007 by the president.
  • Represented private school interests on matters of the 2020 UNEB  and 2020 NCDC bills
  • Presented Private schools matters of Covid distress and financial relief request in Parliamentary committee of national economy in June 2020.
  • Represented private schools in the ministry of education on matters of school re-opening and participated in the State House discusses on plight of private schools and reopening in July 2020.
  • Served on the National private schools Covid -19 committee constituted by the ministry of education in 2020/ 2021.
  • Hosted president of Uganda 2021 at Hotel Africana where we presented and he pledged to find 2.459 trillion stimulus package to stabilize Private education investment due the multiplier returns to this economy.
  • Represented Private schools in the formulation of the National Policy on provision of private education in Uganda by M.O.E.S in 2020.
  • Helped member schools to legalize their operations which ended massive illegal school closures.
  • Trained over 5,000 school directors on matters of management, quality, and finance literacy and education entrepreneurship.
  • Linked member schools with I.F.C a subsidy of the World Bank that enabled some members’ schools to improve their infrastructure.
  • Authoring various manuals on management, leadership, pedagogy, performance management, monitoring and evaluation among others in private schools.
  • Set up NPEIA-UG National End of Term and mock examinations.

Why every school must join NPEIA-UG?

  • Professional growth through workshops, seminars, conferences, summits to access wealth of education information
  • Access to competitive Educational entrepreneurship and school management Resources
  • Access to joint collective  education programs and investment finance opportunities
  •  Social Capital and net working with Edu- entrepreneurs through Welfare programs
  • Input into national policies and dialogue framework which impact private education investment.
  • Technical advice  and benchmarks on Local and international matters of school administration and management
  • Unified Collective advocacy and lobbying on private schools’ activities
  • Opportunities to travel internationally for benchmarks
  • Lobby on policy matters regarding educational institutions and personnel
  •  Lobby funders and development organizations in support of our schools
  • Financial support from our NPEIA Sacco and our official financial development partners.
  •  Lobby service providers to provide services at subsidized prices
  • Annual membership card and Certificate
  •  Access to NPEIA learners’ data Bank to ease admission in member schools.
  • Access to professional, experienced Teachers data Bank to ease recruitment in your school

Physical Address and Contacts.

Plot.3, 8th street Industrial area Kampala. City Star Building.

Chairman: 0772455918

Treasurer: 0772424159

Executive Director: 0756600841

Other media platforms:, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram and website


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Why Join us ?

  • Professional growth through workshops, seminars,  conferences, summits.
  • Access to Educational entrepreneurship and school management Resources
  • Access to wealth of education information
  • Support supervision and Inspections. 
  • Access to joint education programs and investment finance
  • Social Capital and net working with Edu- entrepreneurs through Welfare programs